January 16, 2017

What’s is going on


SHORT FILM. Ireland 2017


Jambite centers on Zita, a young Nigerian girl about to graduate from secondary school. Zita along with her mother Lewa and younger brother Daraja are residents in one of Ireland’s Direct Provision centres. It has been five years since they first arrived as refugees and their status shows no sign of changing. Zita longs to go to university like her best-friend Sharon. Despite considering herself Irish the State begs to differ. At a time when most young teenagers are looking forward to a bright future Zita can only resign herself to the limbo that direct provision forces her and the other 2,000 children in Ireland’s Direct Provision Centres to endure. A story wrote by Hilary Write. 


DOCUMENTARY ( Pre-Production)

Hypatia Pictures is currently working on  a new project, a social documentary about women, immigration and dance. 

‘A Dance for a New Life’ started its pre-production in June 2016, a lot of researching has been done since. Seven main women will open their hearts to tell their stories to the world, hoping that it can be an inspiration to more women to believe in them and in their dreams. The bravery and courage of those women are remarkable, and their stories must to be told; however, we are running out of money and resources at this stage, and we are asking for help to conclude a project that gives a voice to those who sometimes are not allowed to speak about their reality and themselves.

Trailer https://vimeo.com/199716781

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/A-dance-for-a-new-life-1726034610968172/?ref=bookmarks